Team Hallam Driver Registration Form

Driver Registration

Team Hallam Driver Registration Form

Team Hallam Driver Registration Form

The purpose of this form is:
  1. To register private vehicles for the transport of individuals in connection with organised sports club activities at Sheffield Hallam University.
  2. To inform drivers of the need to amend their vehicle insurance (if passengers are being carried) in connection with club activities or events.
  3. To be completed ANNUALLY by the driver of any private vehicle used for the transportation of individuals to any fixture or event.
  4. To confirm to Team Hallam that the driver has the valid documentation required to legally drive the vehicle in the United Kingdom.
Full Name:

Sports Club:

Student ID Number:

Contact Number:

Make of Vehicle (e.g. Ford):

Model of Vehicle (e.g. Focus):

Vehicle Registration Number:

I confirm:

 I hold a full driving licence with the appropriate catagory for my vehicle

 My vehicle has a valid MOT Test Certificate OR My vehicle is fewer than 36 months old

 I have adequate insurance cover for my vehicle

 I will inform my insurance company of my intention to use my vehicle in the capacity of a volunteer with expences covered - SUGGESTED LETTER TEMPLATE

 My vehicle has 9 or fewer seats