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Claiming Expences

Please note:

  • Expenses may only be claimed by the individual who incurred the expense (i.e. it is not possible to claim expenses on behalf of another club member)
  • The claimant needs to be a paid member of the club they wish to claim expenses from to be able to submit a request

To submit a new expenses claim:

  1. Select the appropriate club page from
  2. Click the 'Finances' tab
  3. Click 'Finance Requests Userlink'
  4. Click the Student Login box on the left
  5. Enter your normal SHU login details
  6. Click Money Request
  7. Complete the web form:
  • Request Type - Use Expenses for costs you have already incurred and have a receipt for. Use Advance if you are yet to incur the expenditure but you will be paying yourself.
  • Event - You can associate your claim with a particular event to help the club track expenditure better (not mandatory)
  • Payable to - Expenses can only be paid to the person who incurred the expenditure, so please select Requestor.
  • Payment method - Please choose between Cash (Max £50) or BACS (bank transfer). The cash collection point is the HUBS Finance Office only (Mon-Fri 09:30-16:30)
  • Item description - Please use as much detail as you can to help us assess the claim accurately. Providing insufficient information may result in a payment delay.
  • Justification - Please provide a reason for the incurring the expense, again, please give as much information as possible.
  • Amount - The total cost of your claim
  • Account - Club Account is your club's own funds, Development Fund is the grant given to your club each season and Team Hallam is for when the expenses are being covered centrally by Team Hallam funds.
  • Submit your claim

After submitting your claim it will pass to the club Treasurer and then Team Hallam Management before being paid. Your claim may be referred back to you if more information is required or it may be rejected if it does not comply with Team Hallam terms and conditions.

Club Treasurers... please click HERE to approve club expences


If you need to raise an invoice to collect money into your club:


Please follow this link and complete the form, as a finance team we will then develop the invoice and send it to the contact you put down: