Risk Assessment Agreement

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The purpose of this form is:
  1. To confirm that the Club Committee's have read and agreed to their Sports Risk Assessment. 
  2. To inform committee member's of their responsbility of ensuring their Sports Risk Assessment is followed and abided to by all club members and that they must ensure the safety and welfare of all members participating within their Club's Activity.
  3. To be completed ANNUALLY by a member of the committee, confirming on behalf of the club they will enforce the controls identified to mitigate against the associated risks of the activity.
  4. This form must be completed by a committee member before any organised activity can take place.
Full Name:

Sports Club:


Committe Position:

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I confirm:

 that on behalf of the club myself and the committee have read and understood the Risk Assessment.

 that on behalf of the club, myself and the committee will enforce and follow the Risk Assessment within all Club Activities and will carry out all controls identified in the Risk Assessment to mitigate against any associated risk.

 that on behalf of the club, myself and the committee agree to the controls identified and believe them to be suitable in mitigating against any associated risk of the sports activity.

 that on behalf of the club, myself and the committee will communicate the Risk Assessment and controls to the club membership to ensure they are aware of risks associated with their participation