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Brendan Creed

Sport: Hockey

When do you travel out?

We travelled out to Australia on the 24th and landed on the 25th of March in Brisbane.

Who is your sporting inspiration?

I haven’t really had a sporting inspiration in terms of someone I look up to. I’ve had coaches who have helped me and shaped me into who I am. For example, my main coach I had for a considerable amount of time at my old club (Bowdon Hockey Club) was a man called Jimmy McKenna who was incredible for me in what he did for me. His attitude towards how I was improving and giving myself as many opportunities as he could to allow me to improve.

How did you get into your sport?

I got into my sport when my parents took me down for one of my sister’s hockey training sessions when I was about six years old and I just loved it from day one.

What encouraged you to attend Sheffield Hallam?

I knew a lot of people at Hallam already and luckily in the year I joined, a lot of players also joined who I knew so we had a very talented nucleus of players who played there. I didn’t know too much about the university itself which in hindsight I wish I had checked but having said that, I feel I would have chosen the same university in the end.

What are your aims for the event?

Our aims for the tournament as a collective is to come through the group stage in a strong position built upon good team performances and to be in the big games come the end of the tournament.


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