Team Hallam Membership FAQ's


For those of you who are wanting to join our clubs we have designed the follow Frequently Asked Questions to clarify any worries you may have. Please do not buy a membership without asking your club committee members which one to buy or unless you know which team you have made. With the October sporting period having been free of charge to allow you to experience physical activity on campus, come November when Teams become finalised after filter sessions we will be asking for memberships to be purchased across our programme. This year is unlike any other and as a result we have changed our Membership approach to ensure we can be reactive to the volatile situation of COVID-19. The structure below will show how we will achieve this and please do go onto your Clubs Webpage and click the Join Us tab to see their options. Whether you join one of our;

Recreational Clubs to experience their activities/trips/sessions, make our Team Hallam Clubs' Development Teams or you are selected to join our Team Hallam BUCS teams who routinely train and compete in weekly fixtures, there is a membership for you within our programme. Alternatively, if you don't get selected for one of the above we have Social Sport Opportunities and Sport Leagues you can get involved with. Find out more here:


If you don't know if your sport is a Recreational Club or Team Hallam Sport, you can see here:


Membership Structure


For Team Hallam Clubs we will be splitting the Team Hallam Membership payment across two installments:

1st Installment: Covers October to December (deadline date of the 9th November)

2nd Installment: Covers January to the end of the Academic year (deadline date of first BUCS fixture/End of January).


*there are some clubs that are excluded by this (Golf/Tennis/Squash/Climbing Performance Team)

Membership Availability


  • Team Hallam Membership which includes costs such as Training costs, Kit, Coaching, Transport, Match Fees and Referees will be available from the 12th October
  • Recreational Clubs Memberships are available now
  • Development Teams membership will be available from the 12th October
  • Team Hallam Ultimate (which includes the benefits previously mentioned under the Team Hallam Membership and an annual Gym Membership) will not be available until January during the 2nd Semester.


Gym Options


  • As such as we would recommend students to be purchasing the direct debit gym memberships options until January when the Team Hallam Ultimate Membership can be purchased, all gym direct debit options can be found here:
  • The Student Unlimited Direct Debit Membership (£18 a month) would give you all the same benefits that a Team Halllam Ultimate Membership would. Please follow the link above to purchase this.


S&C Options


This is will be communicate shortly 


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I join several sports with the Team Hallam Membership despite it being in installments – yes, if you purchase the Team Hallam Membership it allows you to participate for other clubs as well.
  • Can I buy a Team Hallam Membership for the year? – Usually you would be able to but due to the volatile situation of COVID-19 wie won't be offering this
  • Can I buy a Team Hallam Ultimate Membership for the year? - Usually we would offer this as an annual offer however this offer will only be available from January and would cover your Team Hallam 2nd Semester payment. Until then please refer back to the Gym Options segment above.
  • When are memberships going live? - Memberships will be from the 12th October but please speak to your Club Committee Members before purchasing a membership so you know you have bought the correct one.
  • Can I access the physio? – yes but it will be pay as you go until you can buy an ultimate membership in January. Please contact to discuss this further.
  • Can I access S&C suite? - We'e currently working to a reduced capacity in our S&C suite, we’ll be offering a limited amount of places from November and further communications of this will be sent out via Club Committees.
  • Are there any exceptions to the membership structure above? Tennis / Squash / Golf / Climbing Performance are the only clubs that are reuqired to buy  an annual Team Hallam Membership in full due to their link to an external facility membership. These are only for those competiing in the BUCS teams