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Who are we?

Hallam Swimming is a very popular and successful sports team at Sheffield Hallam University, who cater to students with a range of abilities from county level swimmers to performance athletes competing at a National and even International standard, with several previous Olympians graduatiing from Hallam. 

Hallam Swimming is one of Team Hallam’s “Performance Sports”, meaning that the team benefits from increased investment for high performance athletes. In addition, the team is run in close partnership with City of Sheffield Swim Squad, ensuing access to world class facilities and high-quality coaching. This is offered both in the pool and in gym sessions at the Strength and Conditioning Suite.


Hallam Squad

The Hallam Squad is our main group which caters to students who want to train to compete. Our competitive focus within the Hallam Squad is BUSL (British University Swim League), which we were crowned champions in 19/20, in addition to BUCS, Varsity and other meets swimmers may qualify for. There is also additional sports science support including S&C, physio, nutrition and psychology available to all who purchase the Team Hallam Ultimate Membership, which we highly encourage all of our members to do, to make the most out of our status as a performance sport. 

The group gets 5 hours of pool time per week plus 3 x S&C and 2 x land based conditiong sessions provided by the professional coaches at Team Hallam, and additonal sets written by our coach for the athletes to complete in their own time, allowing them flexibility around their academic schedule. 

  Pool Land Venue 


7:30-9:00   Ponds Forge (SC)
    S&C 15:30-17:00  
Tuesday 7:30-8:30   Ponds Forge (SC)
Wednesday  7:00-8:30   Ponds Forge (SC)
    S&C 15:30-17:00  
Friday 7:30-8:30   Ponds Forge (LC)
    S&C 16:00-17:30  
Saturday   Circuits (TBC) Pearson Building

With capacity and logistics in mind, as much as we try to get as many people involved with the sport as possible, the Hallam Squad asks for swimmers to have reached county level competitively as a minimum. 


Performance 1 & 2:

Run in partnership with City of Sheffield Swim Squad, P1 & P2 are our full-time performance programmes. These squads have a high-performance focus aimed at BUCS, British Champs and Summer Nationals. With 18 hours of pool time per week, there is also additional sports science support including S&C, physio, nutrition and psychology. These groups have a selection process and requires swimmers to have 600 FINA points for Performance 2 and 800 FINA points for Performance 1.

Performance 1                                                                                                         Performance 2 

Monthly Fee: £143                                                                                                    Monthly Fee: £121

  Pool Land  Venue     Pool Land  Venue 
Monday 7:00-9:00   Ponds Forge    Monday  6:00-8:00   Ponds Forge 
  16:00-18:00 S&C 13:30-15:00 Ponds Forge      14:00-16:00 S&C 12:00-13:30 Ponds Forge
Tuesday 7:00-9:00   Ponds Forge    Tuesday  5:30-7:30   Ponds Forge
  16:00-18:00 Cage (Time TBC) Ponds Forge      14:00-16:00   Ponds Forge
Wednesday         Wednesday      Ponds Forge
  16:00-18:00   Ponds Forge     14:00-16:00 Cage (Time TBC) Ponds Forge
Thursday 6:30-8:30 S&C 9:00-10:30 Ponds Forge   Thursday  6:00-8:00 S&C 10:30-12:00  
  16:00-18:00   Ponds Forge     13:30-15:30   Ponds Forge
Friday          Friday  5:30-7:30   Ponds Forge
  16:00-18:00   Ponds Forge      14:00-16:00   Ponds Forge
Saturday  5:30-7:30 Cage (Time TBC) Ponds Forge    Saturday    Cage (Time TBC)  


Both in and out of the pool, we are a close team. Every Wednesday we hold our weekly team social, each week with a different theme, it is a great way for the swimmers across all groups to get together and blow off some steam. Whether or not you're into going out, or have important competitions coming up, there are a range of events and activities throughout the year which allows all members to get involved. Other activities we have hosted include, laser tag, bowling, meals and trips to inflatable parks.

Where we train

Our home pool is Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, which is home to the British National Championships and other major swimming and sporting events. The 10 lane 50m pool allows us to train in an exceptional facility with a mixture of both SC and LC training and access to diving blocks and other technical equipment.

For our gym sessions, we have land circuit sessions at Hallam Active and Strength and Conditioning sessions are held at the Pearson Building on Collegiate campus. This is an exceptional facility provided by the university and in conjunction with the high-level coaches, allowing our athletes to reach their full potential.


If you are interested in trying out to be part of Hallam Swimming, or have any questions, please get in touch with us via email. Tsh.swimming@gmail.com. Please also follow us on Instagram @HallamSwimming and Facebook to keep up to date with the team.


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