McKibbin reflects on World Championships

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My 2018 season this year has been an up and down one. I have had some great results internationally taking singles and team medals in the Italian, Slovenian czech republic and Slovakian open with a notable win against the rio 2016 bronze medalist. 


This season was preparation to the world championships which was where my season changed. In the past I had mixed results leading into the major championships but then usually performed very well. This year was different, I had performed very well leading into the major and was very confident I could continue my form. Sadly on the day i didn't play to my best level and my world championships was over very early. 


With having such a big negative it has only fuelled me with more ambition and determination to make sure my 2019 season is a success where I aim to qualify for Tokyo 2020. It will be a long a hard season with a lot of internationals to compete in but I'm excited and looking forward to the challenge of what next year has to bring.


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