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Strength & Conditioning Internship Application

Join Our S&C Internship Program 

Are you passionate about, or simply just interested in Strength and Conditioning (S&C) and ready to kickstart your career? Our S&C Internship is the perfect opportunity to hone your coaching skills while making a real impact supporting BUCS, performance & development athletes. 


What We Offer: 

Professional Development: 
Receive 1-1 mentoring with our experienced S&C staff who will guide you through the intricacies of the field. Regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions tailored to your needs will expand your knowledge. 

Practical  Experience: 
Work directly with our university teams across all clubs, gaining valuable practical experience that's essential for your growth as an S&C coach. 

Tailored CPD Curriculum: 
Our program is designed for both Junior interns with no prerequisites and Lead interns with prior experience. Lead interns receive specialised practical training to lead teams effectively. 

Example content; 

  • Advanced Principles of S&C 

  • Coaching as an Art – Soft Skills 

  • Employability 

  • Sports Rehabilitation 

Junior interns receive further education around the basic principles of S&C to prepare you to become a Lead intern.  

Example content; 

  • Foundational Principles of S&C 

  • Delivering Effective Warmups 

  • Programming 101 

  • Gym & Field Based Delivery 

For all interns, the program equips you with fundamental scientific knowledge, soft skills, and the confidence to deliver S&C support. 

Perks & Renumeration: 
Enjoy a free Under Armour sport kit top, external opportunities working with academics and professional sports clubs, networking opportunities, and reduced fees on qualifications. 


What You'll Gain: 

Coaching Development: 
Develop the skills and knowledge to work with athletes at all levels, from recreational to elite. 

Career Opportunities: 
Join the ranks of our successful alumni who have secured full-time S&C employment around the world, working with athletes in diverse settings. 

If you're eager to learn, dedicated to growth, and ready to make a difference in the world of Strength and Conditioning, this internship is your launchpad. Don't miss out on this chance to step into the dynamic field of S&C coaching. Join us today and pave the way for your future success. 


What we are looking for: 

  • We welcome driven, well-prepared, and courteous future coaches who have a keen enthusiasm for high-performance training, sports science, and Strength and Conditioning. 

  • If you possess a strong work ethic and a sincere commitment to learning and personal growth, you're the kind of intern we're looking for. 

  • Prior exposure to free weight training and a general understanding of athletic movements such as running, jumping, and throwing will be advantageous. 

  • While enrolment in an FE or HE program related to S&C, sports science, or a related field is preferred, we also encourage applications from those outside these domains who share our passion. 

  • If you can commit to a regular schedule between October 2023 and April 2024, we want to hear from you. Your dedication is key to our mutual success – Junior Interns will be required to work 4 hours per week, whereas Leads will be required to work around 3 hours per week. CPD will be in addition to these hours. 

  • Lead interns will need a Level 2 qualification in a related area before taking responsibility for a team’s programme and delivery.  


To register your interest for the internship, please CLICK HERE or email S&C Coordinator Kieran Burke at kieran.burke@shu.ac.uk for further information.