Team Hallam Values

At Team Hallam we believe that everyone should have the right to participate in sport within a positive environment. We want to champion a diverse and inclusive culture within our clubs, to create a sports programme we can all be proud to be a part of. 


We want all Team Hallam members to help us build a positive culture by adhering to the following values:
Good Sportsmanship
Collective Responsibility
We expect all sport club members to adhere to our Team Hallam Code of Conduct. 
Download the Team Hallam Code of Conduct
We take a zero-tolerance approach to any form of abuse, harassment and bullying. To help us stamp these behaviours out, if you have witnessed or experienced anything that goes against our values, please make a report through the SHU Report and Support portal. You can make reports anonymously if you would like your identity to be protected.

Team Hallam stands with and abides by the UK Anti-Doping and World Anti- Doping Agency (WADA) position that cheating, including doping, in sport is categorically against the spirit of sport, undermining the otherwise positive impact of sport on society.

Clean sport depends on everyone having the know-how to speak out when something’s wrong. Speak to us in confidence – no matter how small.

We can't do it alone. It takes a team

To report doping and more information on how to protect your sport follow