Strength and Conditioning


Strength and Conditioning

The Team Hallam Strength and Conditioning Department is one of the largest S&C delivery services in the country. Delivering to approximately 1,000 athletes in 65 team sessions each week, the S&C team design and coach bespoke, periodised programmes for 35 sports.

The aim of Team Hallam S&C is to enhance the physical development of all athletes within Team Hallam, contributing towards long term performance, health and wellbeing.

Operating out of a state-of-the-art specialist S&C facility, there are 11 Werksan racks and over 2000kg of Olympic plates and bars. The specially designed 'team training area' allows for efficient and effective squad training sessions to be delivered.

To support the delivery and development of the S&C Department, Team Hallam S&C runs the largest S&C Internship Programme in the nation. Spanning 4 years of development and progression, this provides students with education and vocational training opportunities leading towards enhanced employability and attainment. This is also the first Internship Programme in the country to be nationally endorsed by Active IQ and the UKSCA.



To be a National leading provider of University Strength & Conditioning support, dedicated to optimising the athletic potential of our Team Hallam athletes, whilst setting the foundations for future sporting excellence. 


To ensure the physical development of TH teams and athletes by providing specialised S&C support to all TH Performance Members. This will include the following:

·      S&C support offered to all TH teams and athletes

·      Two sessions each week for Focus Sports, Development Sports, and PASP athletes

·      One session each week for all other teams and athletes (including Society sports)

·      Achieve 80% engagement for Focus, Development, and PASP

·      Achieve 60% engagement for all other teams

·      Carryout standardised regular testing using gold-standard measures

·      Achieve specific improvements in all areas of fitness (5% increase in strength & power)

·      Improve sporting performance, leading to increased BUCS positions


Team Hallam Strength & Conditioning Staff

Mike Mawer - Lead S&C Coach

Programme Lead