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This leaderboard tracks the attendance of club committee members at all the training and development sessions run by Team Hallam. Points can be gained when at least one member of a club attends a session. 



Where have the points come from? 


  Mental Health First Aid Training  

  19th September 2018  


  Core Committee Training  

  20th September 2018


BUCS Captains Training

    2nd October 2018


BUCS Captains Training

5th October 2018


Outdoor Sport First Aid Training

20th October 2018


Kick it Out Workshop

23rd October 2018


First Aid Training

3rd November 2018


Bystander Training

   5th November 2018



Concussion Workshop


21st November 2018



  Disability in Sport Week Workshop  


26th November 2018


Bystander Training

10th December 2018




For upcoming training and development sessions check out the Training and Development Opportunities webpage.