Tips to dealing with COVID-19

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6 Tips- how to deal with COVID 19 implications as an athlete!


As Team Hallam we value who you are as a person and as an athlete. It is important for us to support you with our best and making sure you are OK. Before I let you read some tips (it may seem long but you can read one at a time), I wanted to remind and encourage you all to contact me (Zeynep - or Team Hallam staff if you would like to share your experience, thoughts and feelings with me or us. We are here for you! Let’s do this together- as a team!


COVID 19 has taken over the world, expanding fast, changing lives and plans. No doubt, these uncertain times are hard to deal withHow do we respond to something we have never seen or experienced before? Cancellations of tournaments, matches, competitions, camps and seasons ending earlier than planned are frustrating and confusing. However, it is important to take the fear, anxiety and frustration associated with the uncontrollable changes in your sporting experience to improve your physical and mental game. We are in the ocean and instead of fighting the waves, let’s learn to surf! Good news that you have the option to decide how you are going to live in the face of adversity!


Here are some tips that may help throughout these tough times:


1) It is OK and normal to feel upset, frustrated, anxious or scared!

No doubt that these days are not good times and there are so many things that are out of our control. Our minds will want to focus on the uncontrollable and how disorderly and frantic things are. Fear is an emotional response to uncertainty of the unknown and threat. It is completely normal to be fearful and react emotionally. There is nothing wrong with you. Recognise what you feel without labelling it and control how you respond to it. Remember who you are as a person and as an athlete!


2)  Who you are! What you have got!

Throughout your experience and career as an athlete, you have always been exposed to some level of uncertainty. You have managed to stick to your goal and continue through times of adversity on many occasions. Remind yourself of the sources and accomplishments that you have achieved in your life time not only as an athlete but also as a person. You do not have the ultimate control of the outcome, as you are unsure when things will get back to normal. What we do know is that it will not be in the click of a finger. The most interesting and important part of life isn't whether things go our way, but how we respond to our challenges. Take each day as a new day, be present. Each time you realise you're holding on to thoughts that are bringing you down, give yourself permission to let go.


3) Keep on rising! “Nobody can stop you from getting better!”

Set yourself some goals. What can you do to maintain things or even better- what can you do to keep on improving? Can you do anything in 3 weeks to get better? Even though you might have limitations, get creative and think about what you can work on in your current situation? Sticking to the healthy diet and sleeping routine? Carrying on exercising/practising - both physically and mentally (imagery/visualise)? Get back to the project you have been delaying? Gaining wisdom; finding something that inspired you and immerse yourself in it? Turn your fear into a force for the future. One of the things that made you who you are is discipline - keep hold of that and let’s get moving towards what you value!


4) Connect! Share! Help out!

“If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, then go together!”

Stay connected with your teammates, your coaches, share your experiences, your plans, your feelings! Support and hear each other! Plan together!


5) Facts over myths

Separate facts from the myths. When you hear or read information,don't react straight away; do the research and get a secondary opinion.


6) Recognize!  

We always encourage athletes to recognise and be self-aware in order to motivate to stick to the goal and take more control. Think about what works for you and what does not? When you look back at this time, are you going to say; “It inspired me to change!”?


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